Thursday, August 20, 2009

reason for child labours

the reason for this child labour is absence of universal compulsory primary
education to the childrens. this is sure in the villages and other remote villages.
if this happen at the right place,at the right time, for the right childrens, we can
avoid some percentage of this labours. and the other reason for this is the
ignorance of the parents about the child labour activities. this is the main
reason which is ignored by the parents of the society about the child
labour consequences. and the law itself ineffective regarding these activity,
thus it is cared by none of us in the society.


kulandhai thozhilaalargal enbadhu nam naatil kaanapadum kodumaigalil idhuvum
ondru. siru vayadhil arindho ariyaamalo petror karanamaagavo illai ariyaamaiyaalo
chiruvargalai velaiku amarthuvadhai thaduthalum adhu naatil nadandhu konduthan
irukiradhu. ithagaya siruvargal uruvaguvadharku kaaranangal pala irukinrana.
mukkiya kaaranangal sila. avaigalil, mudhalaanadhu , ver pol irundhu indha
paavathirku kaaaranamanavai VARUMAI, idhu oru pavam, idhu pirapu mudhal
irundhal adhuvey ithagaya kulandhai thozhilaalargal uruvaga kaaranamagirathu.
indha varumai vara kaaranam inondru. ipadi ondruku kaaranam inondru, endru solli
konde pogalam. varumai uruvaaga mukkiya kaaranam petror kalviyarivu illamaithan.
than petror kalvi arivu illadha kaaranathaal thaanum arindhu kollamal than pillaigalaiyum
padika vaikaamal velaiku anupuginranar.


The major reason for this child labour is a poverty and this is from parental illiteracy.
apart from these two reasons there is an another several reasons being responsible
for these child labour in the world. that is parental traditional skills. these type of
skills include somewhat related to their caste, races, religions etc.... which leads to
child labour through illiteracy of parents, poverty etc.... some places follow the races
of their community, some follow their hierarchy of caste, races etc.... this will lead to
new generations to be illiteral in their community, society etc... this is one of the
basic foundations for child labour. To avoid these types of traditional related issues
each and every parents whether they also illiterate they should be known about the
literal benefits, and its status in the society, and also about their generations future too.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Now the plain people have noticed that education is getting longer and longer.They are still in high school till eighteen ,learning civics and social statistics-studies for old men.They enter college at about nineteen or twenty,take prerequisites and postrequisites in various faculties for nearly ten years, then demonstrators ,invigilators,researchers,or cling to a graduate scholarship like a man on a raft


In this discussion of education,i am addressing myself to plain people.By this i mean people who shudder at mathematics,go no further in latin than Epluribus unum and take electricity as they find it.As opposed to these are the academic class who lives in colleges,or in the shaow of them,and claim education as their province.But the plain people are of necessity interested in education because their sons and daughters go to college ,or,more important,can't go to college

Friday, July 31, 2009

poverty in childhood

where the world is going? see this childrens ,the government is putting many orders ,doing worthless needs ,spending money cores & cores for unwanted things.
why the government is not cing this? if government is not thinking, as a citizen we want to think.what mistake this childrens made,fin a day they are eating one time or twice a day..our government should take necessary steps to provide foods and daily needs.